Who we are:

Roswell Pedicabs was founded by Bonnie, Larry, Michelle and David Weissman to serve the Roswell Historic District and Special Events facilities with a fun, engaging and unique experience. Frustrated by the lack of parking and a chance encounter with the Mayor, (who expressed his desire to have the City Hall lots utilized more) the idea was born.

Actual conversation while walking down Canton Street:

Bonnie: “Someone should start a Pedicab business for the Historic Area and for Weddings and stuff”

Larry: “Yeah, great idea.”

Bonnie: “ It would be really nice to relax and ride around…you know, an experience that people would remember”.

Larry: “That would be nice Little One”

Bonnie: “Larry, are you paying attention”?

Larry: Yes, what? I think the Mayor said something to me…

Bonnie: “We’ll call it Roswell Pedicabs. Go to City Hall and figure it out!”

Larry: “What?”

Dave: “Cool, I have a truck”

Michelle: “Are you serious? Dad?”

And as such, Roswell Pedicabs was in business. City Hall arranged for a Ribbon Cutting, and we have served the area since 2013.